Who can buy from wholesale-pallets?

Anyone who is reselling merchandise can buy from Wholesale Pallets. We specialize in providing products to ebayer, discount stores, and distributors.

What is the first step in becoming a Wholesale Pallets customer?

  1. Register online and Submit your information.
  2. Verify your account by clicking the link that we send it to your email. Please check it in Inbox or Junk mail.
  3. Your account will be completed.

Why should I buy from Wholesale Pallets?

We are a full service wholesaler offering quality, price competitive products. Our inventory provides the largest assortment of products in the industry. Other companies will tell you what they think will sell; at Wholesale Pallets, we know what sells. Our professional salespeople will be glad to discuss trends with you.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

We do require a minimum order of 1 lot.

How does your shipping process work?

We offer Free shipping to 18 countries when you place an order. For other countries, you can arrange for your own transportation or select our shipping options. Shipping via the following methods: UPS, DHL. The delivery time is 4-7 days to the US and 1-3 weeks to other countries. If customers who want arrange own transportation of their orders. We will load the container for our export customers but we do not handle transportation of exported items.

Does wholesale pallets ship overseas?

We supply products to exporters and deliver products outside the United States. Please see the shipping fee rate charge from this link : Shipping fee

What is your Return Policy?

Customers who wish to return their merchandise because they are simply not satisfied with the item(s) may do so within 5 days from the date of receiving the purchase. However, return customers will bear the cost of return shipping and a 25% restocking fee. Please note items must be in resaleable condition.

Note. Returns will not be accepted without prior contact or authorization from your salesperson. Contact : wholesale-pallets@hotmail.com

How long will it ake to get my order?

After you make the payment, your order will be shipped withing 3 days by UPS or DHL.

The delivery time is 4-7 days to the US and 1-3 weeks to other countries.

What should I do if some items are missing when I receive my order?

Claims for shortages require a copy of the delivery receipt (DR) from the courier, which must be signed by the driver. You must also provide us a list of items and/or quantities you claim to be short.
In the unfortunate case of a shipping shortage, Wholesale Pallets can only offer a refund for the purchase cost of the missing merchandise, or credit towards future purchase from Wholesale Pallets. We will not ship any of the short shipped items to the customer. Warehouse must complete investigation of video footage and inventory stock check before issuance of approval on any claims.

What should I do if some items are damaged?

The customer is responsible for inspecting and counting the merchandise at the time of delivery. Any physical damages or discrepancies such as crushed, opened, loose, or missing cartons must be noted on the drivers receipt at time of delivery.

  • Reporting Claims
    Claims for lost, damaged or defective merchandise must be reported to your Wholesale Pallets salesperson within 2 days of the receipt of the merchandise. We must also receive an E-MAIL containing the list of the damaged, defective or missing item numbers, their corresponding quantities and a brief explanation. Wholesale Pallets may refer your claim to the freight company after reviewing it.


  • Claim Requirements
    All claims take approximately 2 to 3 weeks to process.

Claims should include a detailed description, a photocopy of the invoice with the item number(s) encircled and delivery receipt (DR) (all discrepancies must be noted on that receipt). If your claim is for a damaged or defective item, it is important for you to submit a picture and/or sample of the item itself. This serves not only as evidence of damage but also speeds up the claim’s resolution. All claims are determined on a case-by-case basis.